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The month of February is dedicated to the Holy Family.

The pre-lent season is from Septuagesima Sunday, until Shrove Tuesday.

This is when we (the crew of the Step-by-Step Rosary community) commenced our 40-days Lent Fast, as a prepatory period.

Pray our Step-by-Step Rosary for the conversion of your country

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    Ash Wednesday starts on Feb 14, 2024.

    “For never will anyone who says his Rosary every day become a formal heretic or be led astray by the devil.

    This is a statement that I would gladly sign with my blood.”

    Twenty-fifth Rose,St. Louis de Montfort


    The Raccolta, ed. 1910, #23.



    There are people who, today, have difficulties of praying for the Popes intentions - but - few knows of what the intentions are:

    "The Pope’s intention always includes the following objects:

    i. The progress of the Faith and triumph of the Church.
    ii. Peace and union among Christian Princes and Rulers.
    iii. The conversion of sinners.
    iv. The uprooting of heresy.

    These intentions may be fittingly recalled and prayed for after Communion, or at the visit;
    but a general intention of praying according to the mind of the Pope is sufficient ; and any prayers may be used which are not already of obligation, e.g., the Little Hours of a priests Office.

    (July 12, 1847; May 29, 1841.)"